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Cycling and Cycle tourism in the Euganean Hills

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Cycle tourism in the Euganean Hills

Just five hundred meters away from Ca ‘Panagia, the Euganean cycle lane (track over fifty kilometers) and the famous golf courses of Frassanelle, Montecchia, Valsanzibio, (all within 20 minutes by car).

For those who love cycling, they can be reached in about an hour, the medieval walled towns of Monselice, Este and the farthest Montagnana. This territory was governed by or underwent the influence of the Marquises of Este who, according to William Henry Duke of Gloucester and a member of the English royal family, were the ancestors of the Windsor, the current ruling family of England.

For these reasons the aforementioned Duke of Gloucester, in 1776, raised a bust of Azzo II d’Este – still existing – in Prato della Valle in Padua, considering it to be the forefather and progenitor of the Windsor

Recreational and cultural sports activities offered by the Euganean Hills.